Visimojo is an elegant tool for building surveys.

It lets you connect questions logically, so that your survey becomes a personal conversation between you and your user.

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What is it?

Visimojo is a web application that allows you to build, share and analyze online surveys. It is different from any other survey builder out there, as the resultant surveys take the form of conversations. Surveys built in this manner are more engaging and fun.

Question types

Visimojo supports all the popular types of questions - single and multiple choice, dropdown, matrix, free text input and more. We also have our own types for collecting names, emails and addresses, regex, logic, redirects and iframes.

Analyzing surveys

By visiting your dashboard, you get quick access to useful information about your users and statistics on the performance of your surveys. In addition, Visimojo measures the time it takes for users to answer every question, so you can quickly see if something needs changing.

Open development

You are the customer, and you can expect to have the inside scoop about the decisions we make while building Visimojo. Check out our roadmap, read about new features on our blog, or reach the founder directly at any time.

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How much does it cost?

Visimojo is free during beta. After this period it will be $24/m. We will inform you a month in advance when we will be leaving beta.